What is Streamline Text?

Streamline Text is a new way of presenting text that can help dyslexic people to read more fluently. The format aims to remove some of the frustration experienced by readers who read slowly or find themselves losing their place. It does this by providing a way to move from the end of one line to the beginning of the next line accurately and quickly without skipping or re-reading lines.

The last word on each line is repeated at the beginning of the next line to provide 'guide words': The guide-words show the reader where to go next at the end of each line.

The Streamline Toolbar converts Word documents into this format. There are three styles to choose from and fonts, colours, background colour and line spacing are all under your control.
You can read what our dyslexic customers say about us here. Improving reading speed has been directly linked to improved comprehension as shown in  this study published by Nature.

Example Document - Inline Mode What is Dyslexia?
Example Document - Margin Mode Links