Top Writing Tips for Novelists


I am going to be very honest with you, writing a novel is really easy, but no; it’s not easy. You must have always found a novel so intriguing that you might want to write one of your own and make it a best seller. It happens to a lot of people, including me.

Writing a novel does not need any special talents, all you have to do is out your imagination on the paper in a way so that your readers can feel the same. So if you are trying to start your own novel, then let me help you out with some great tips that might come in handy for you—

  • Write something which will keep YOU interested – What types of novels you like the most? Fantasy, drama, horror, fiction or romantic? Write the type of story that you would want to read the most. Do not write something just because you think that will make it a best seller. If you do not like romantic novels, trust me, do not write one. You cannot simply put on a sock which does not fit you. When you do not feel anything on your own, you cannot let someone else to feel it. Write about your stupidest obsession, your craziest fantasy, write your own story.
  • Your Protagonist – Trust me, your protagonist gets the half of the work done. Make a real life character that has flaws, who has made mistakes, who is believable to normal people. Make sure you make her full of surprises. If you do not make her mysterious, then your reader might find it flat and uninteresting. Let your character tell your readers a secret.
  • Let interesting events take place – You cannot simply write something so flat. You have a great idea for a story, a great character and everything, but if nothing happens, no events take place then everything goes wrong. You need to make sure that something important to the plot keeps happening in every scene. Just like it happens in the novel by George R. R. Martin’s “A song of Ice and Fire” or you can also take the example of J. K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter Series”, each time some or the other events are taking place which connects at the end beautifully.
  • The magic of making things believable – You read stories about ghosts, dwarfs, angels or witches. And you believe it, don’t you? That is the magic of making things believable. So while you are writing something, make sure you write it so beautifully that people believe it. Remember those “white walkers” trying to come across the wall and started a war? You too felt the chill going through your bones while reading it, didn’t you? It is because George R. R. Martin made you believe so. That is the beauty of making things believable.
  • Stick with your project – I have seen people getting very excited about the idea of writing a novel and then after sometimes they really get disinterested. This is wrong. Even if you get stuck at some point, do not give up. Whenever you feel you are unable to keep it interesting anymore or you cannot simply make things work out, then take a break, discuss it with your friends or the person you trust the most, maybe read a book or go for outing. Refresh yourself and start again. But never, ever give up.

These are a few tips for you if you want to become a novelist. Go through the tips and just start putting your words now!

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